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Lugo, Aaron
Sep 06 2:21 AM EDT
Post #22
Boom one more weekly win for the road
Woodruff, Kevin
Sep 02 4:22 PM EDT
Post #21
Here is the link for the Pickem. No one from the league has signed up. If we don’t have 10 but next Friday I am not going to do so I don’t get charged for it Here you go. This is for NFL Pickem I recently set up an online NFL Pick 'em pool at RunYourPool named 'Easy Money'. If you are interested in joining the pool, please follow the link and fill out the form: https://www.runyourpool.com/join/pool_info.cfm?id=163153&p=mqjnsx
Lugo, Aaron
Sep 01 5:15 AM EDT
Post #20
Where do we go for the pick em?
Lugo, Aaron
Aug 19 12:34 PM EDT
Post #19
I am in for football Pickem
Woodruff, Kevin
Aug 19 11:10 AM EDT
Post #18
Alright boys. We have football right around the corner. Would you guys be interested in doing a weekly online pickem
Kollross, Tom
Aug 09 3:27 PM EDT
Post #17
How bout that 6.2MM week boys? The view is nice up here atop the Segment 2 rankings.
Woodruff, Kevin
Jun 22 1:42 PM EDT
Post #16
Congrats to everyone except for Blake for winning a little money in this first segment.
Woodruff, Kevin
Jun 21 6:01 PM EDT
Post #15
We got you down as a major winner my friend. I will be sending out money to the weekly winners for the first segment this week and will send money to myself for winning Segment 1. Good luck to everyone in segment 2
Kollross, Tom
Jun 21 11:55 AM EDT
Post #14
Put me down as a major winner baby
Kollross, Tom
Jun 21 11:55 AM EDT
Post #13
Your boy finally won a week! LFG
Lugo, Aaron
May 12 11:38 AM EDT
Post #12
Got tickets to the Byron for Thursdays round! Gonna go cheer on the boys in person
Woodruff, Kevin
May 10 8:12 PM EDT
Post #11
Glad to see Tom get the team in early this week
Lugo, Aaron
May 02 11:41 PM EDT
Post #10
Yeaaaaaaaa! Edged out Kevin the shark.
Lugo, Aaron
Apr 29 8:42 AM EDT
Post #9
Kevin what a win last week. Doubling up on the winning duo was nasty
Woodruff, Kevin
Apr 26 8:42 AM EDT
Post #8
Selections for this week have opened up. Please go ahead abd get your picks in so you don’t forget